What does it take to be a comic book artist?


First it takes someone who not only can draw but who wants to get better so badly that they will obsess about it everyday in their sketchbook and feel the frustration that comes with learning and growing and they will also rise above the inadequate feelings and low confidence and believe in themselves to a point where they are ok with making mistakes and growing from them, they are ok with busting out pages as fast as they can and as best as they can for a deadline. And they are ok with being broke for a while. Being an artist ain’t no joke, you’ll go through a time of being dirt poor. And if you are good/creative enough, and fast enough, and easy to work with enough, then you’ll Probably land a sweet gig. So basically it takes talent plus persistence plus luck. Enjoy.


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I got tagged by idieclassy! I am very boring! I will try to be short!

1. For breakfast this morning, I had a cup of tea and raw cookie dough.

2. My first word was the name of the family dog, Amanda. My first phrase…

So here goes:
1. Used to work in a comic shop 25 years ago.
2. No.1 shows how friggin old I am !
3. I’ve got every Hulk comic except for no’s 1 and 3 - yippee for me.
4. I breed birds mainly Scarlet Chested Parrots and Red Faced Parrot Finches.
5. Favourite movie - Pulp Fiction.
6. I’ve just switched to decaf.
7. Went for my motorbike licence this year, freaked out and left in the first half hour so I can strike that off the ‘to do’ list.
8. Haven’t had a proper (say a week somewhere) holiday….ever.
9. Am addicted to swearing. Not good I know but it’s like pulling a splinter!
10. The older I get the less I enjoy Marvel comics. Sad but true.

Give this a go if you want.


These awesomely surreal and delightful collages are the work of Eugenia Loli, a California-based collage artist who uses images scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre and playful scenes. From a little girl creating our solar system by blowing bubbles to meat loaf that contains galaxies, children riding giant tortoises and planes that drop candy instead of bombs, these pieces reveal Loli’s love of science fiction and unabashed geekiness and we’re completely smitten.

For more of her wonderfully weird collages, follow Loli right here on Tumblr at eugenialoli. Prints of some of her collages are available here. She also offers many of her pieces as downloadable files under the Creative Commons license via her Flickr account.

[via Colossal]